1. Why don’t you have any flannels in stock?

Due to the limited nature of our products, there are many times where we have low or no inventory. It is very common for us to sell out of an individual colorway even within the first 30 minutes it is released.

2. What is so special about your flannels? What's the “hype"?

We design our colorways from scratch rather than using standard off the bolt fabric. Our attention to detail includes fabrics that will not shrink, wrinkle, or fade - resulting in the very best flannels on the market, at an affordable price.

3. What’s the best way to know about upcoming releases?

We are very active on social media via Instagram, and we highly recommend signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of this website. We do NOT spam, share, sell any information and we very rarely send emails outside of alerts for new products.

4. Why don’t I see you in any “Big Stores”?

Us operating directly is to the direct advantage of you, to keep our products frequently changing and evolving, and at an affordable price. We were founded with the mindset to serve the working class with clothing that is durability and style focused with an emphasis on affordability and ultimately value. Quality is our motto.

5. Do only your flannels have hidden collar stay buttons? 

No, we actually have hidden collar stay buttons on EVERY button down shirt we make. Including work shirts, party shirts, dress shirts, flannels, etc - they all come standard with the feature to keep your collars locked and straight. 

6. Why don’t you carry tall sizes in your other shirts?

Because the “tall” factor resides in the sleeve length. For flannels it works because we’re able to add an extra 3 inches to the long sleeves and it makes a significant difference. Short sleeves are a different story. With that being said though, we are known to have longer length than most brands to accommodate for taller men. 

7. What are your business hours? 

Monday through Friday; 9 am - 5 pm. Gold Coast, Australia.

8. Can I come and shop in person? 

No, our Australia shop is online only.

9. What do I do if I need to return or exchange my purchase?

If you would like to return or exchange your purchase, please follow this link HERE.

10. What is your return policy? 

Unworn and unwashed up to 60 days of purchase for an exchange or refund. The customer is responsible for returning the items to Dixxon Australia.

11. I’m not sure what size I should get.. How would I find that? 

We have a sizing chart on every product page for you to view.

Generally speaking, men's sizing runs on the big side and is NOT slim fit.
Women's sizing is based off juniors sizing and runs very trim and slim. 

12. Will my flannel shrink? 

It will not shrink. We suggest that you machine wash in cold water and either low tumble dry or hang dry.

13. My package shows that it was delivered but I did not receive anything. 

If it’s been 5 days and your package still hasn’t arrived, then send us an email at info@dixxonquality.com.au 

14. If I place two orders, am I able to combine them? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to combine orders since we heavily emphasise getting our orders out as fast as possible.

15. I put the wrong address for my order, can you change it?

If your order has already been printed and packed, we are unable to make changes for that order, but we will do our best to accommodate. Please contact us if you have this problem.